What has Rod Stewart ever done except smoke too much?

As per Jo and Elaine

I need

  • Claire needs some TOUGH LOVE!
  • Claire Needs a Visit to the Bunny Planet
  • Claire Needs Nine Innings to Win Opening NCAA Game
  • Claire Needs Prayers From All of You She is Very Sick
  • Claire needs to be inspired and feel the model’s personality.

I want

  • Claire wants to remember again when it all mattered
  • Claire wants to win!
  • Claire wants more people to share the American Dream of homeownership by helping aspiring homeowners break into the housing market.
  • Claire wants to sell their father’s house

I like

  • Claire likes the bumpy ride.
  • Claire likes it too
  • Claire likes to discover
  • Claire likes to sleep on the bed
  • Claire likes that Sammi is pragmatic and down-to-business.

I hate

  • Claire hates Fat-free cream cheese
  • Claire hates him.
  • claire hates hannahs guts and thinks shes a TOTAL bitch lol!!!
  • Claire hates Hollywood and despises the Hollywood society for its weakness for sensations and gossips
  • Claire hates eating mushrooms and cannot understand other peoples obsessions, in her spare time she campaigns against fungus consumption.

To find yours, just go to Google and type yourname needs and see what comes up.


One thought on “What has Rod Stewart ever done except smoke too much?

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