I have no doubt that you know all the answers. You seem to know everything.

Leonard Sock Monkey
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

Well, 2007 is shaping up to be a year of highs and lows already and we’re not even 2 weeks

in. The first high was concerning our longed for move to the States. My mum arrived back

from Cincin with news that Anne and Jim are over the moon about our plan to try and move

there and are indeed pulling out the stops to try and ensure our passage there permanently.

We will know more after we have been out there to visit in April/May, but that is very exciting news that we have allies in our battle against the immigration grinches!

Next was the low point of returning to work, only for my laptop to die and for me to lose all my favourites – bookmarked patterns, funny blogs, etc. I also lost all my RSS feeds as I didn’t get a chance to back everything up before my laptop went bye byes. So any readers with blogs, please let me know your link so I can re-add it!

Then some other job news which may or may not come off, which I will write more about when I know more – changes are afoot, that’s all I am saying for now.

My first attempt at a sock monkey went remarkably well and you can see the results over at the year o moosh. His name is Leonard and he’s quite a catch, if you like wonky sock related items.

Off swimming tonite, trying to get back into our fitness regime! If I can still walk tomorrow, it will be a miracle.


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