I’ll have to speak to head office. How I hate speaking to head office.

Miso Funky Market
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

Well! The market-filled weekend was quite eventful! I managed not to pass out or slip into a coma as I expected but instead enjoyed a great Saturday of selling things, talking to friends and making merry. The secret santa Jo organised for the day went tremendously well and I got one of the best gifts ever (thanks Rachael!) – see above! Everyone got into the spirit of things and the goodie bags we stayed up til 2 am on Friday nite making up went down a storm. So we were pretty pleased with our last market of the year.

On Sunday we had the Botanics last market of the year which was … totally dead. Despite the rain holding off and it remaining reasonably sunny all day, there was only a small trickle of visitors throughout the day and we had to rely on a friend of mine Elaine to make our first sale of the day! Things did pick up a bit, but we all called it a day early and were home by 4pm. In time to have a flash of inspiration and get the sewing machine out to whip up some impromptu Christmas gifts! I will obviously photograph these for after Crimble!

This week has been a whirlwind of boring work and frenzied making things in the evenings. We had a last minute sale on the website, so had to get that packaged up, along with a few other things and sent off, make some more Crimbo decs for Tracey’s red and white themed tree and now I have just remembered I’ve still not got a gift for work secret santa which I am organising, so I will have to come up with something this evening.

Looking forwards to Christmas, but more so for the time off factor. There are a veritable STACK of presents under our tree, all for me and Lee, so obviously I am excited about tearing them open too, but I will be content with a sit down and a rest in the most part. It’s been SUCH a busy year, especially for me who usually likes to sit on my ass being lazy. If I can only incorporate being busy with doing some more exercise and eating less rubbish next year, I’ll be heading in the right direction.

Still got several gifts to make, some of which may be in the form of the thing I quickly taught myself to make last nite – can’t say any more in case some of my dear readers see it – some of which may be the recipients of my intended gifts! I will need to have another bash at it tonite. Tomorrow nite is the work Christmas party, which could either go pretty well or pretty badly. It’s been a tough time recently at work – redundancies were announced last week which has left the office with a terrible atmosphere and a lot of bad feeling, so I have no idea who is going, or what really is happening, apart from I am going and my job is not affected. Which I suppose is good, but a part of me thinks that being made redundant would have kicked me into gear about DOING SOMETHING. Still, I am glad that I can still afford to pay the mortgage (just) for now.

Right, I am off for a game of Animal Crossing whilst it’s still lunchtime!


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