I dont’ know if he was gay, but he was immaculately dressed.

Crimble Tree!
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

No reply from trade service direct as yet. I await with baited breath.

Actually, I await with flu-ridden, lurgy-laced breath. For I have found a new depth of flu-like pain to sink to and it’s not nice. I have spent the last 2 days at home on the sofa alternately wanting to die and coughing a loud, long, low hacking cough much akin to the death rattle of a thousand Vietnamese sailors.

I am back at work today but for a reason I am yet to fathom. I might actually keel over at my desk, or so it feels.

Anyway – look on the bright side – only another 6 working days til I’m off for 10 WHOLE DAYS! Wheeeee!

Look, here’s Archie, our Crimble tree! Isn’t he bonny? Crimble is hurtling towards us at a rate of some knots, it’s quite scary. I am all set, presents carefully researched, bought and wrapped as they have been for some weeks now – I am SO smug.

I do however have a couple of last minute secret santas at work that I need to get things made for, so I will have to do that tonite in between tidying up and trying not to slip into a Venos-induced coma.

A parcel of JOY arrived from America this afternoon from my cousin Anne in Cincinnati – 7 whole presents for me! I am so excited to open those.

Must go and cough up some more phlegm now 😦


One thought on “I dont’ know if he was gay, but he was immaculately dressed.

  1. Sounds like we’ve got the same thing. I’ve been off work the last couple of days, too. Tried to work from home for a while today, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I went back to bed at about lunchtime. Bleurgh.

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