How can they expect us to be awake at 10am? It’s outrageous.


That is all I can say really to sum up last week. Worked mental long hours to get a project finished which should never have arisen in the first place. I can’t even talk about, I’m so peeved.

Anyway! Had a great weekend in Newcastle with Lee, Jo and Ryan this weekend, but forgot to take my camera, so no photos. The fair at the Cluny on Sunday was a phenomenal success! Our best day ever!

Had a great evening with the crafters last nite at Mono, where we knitted, ate, drank and chatted – very relaxed and a great chance to learn more about our new friends!

I am scarily organised for Christmas. I have bought all the presents, wrapped them all up, made my cards, distributed most of them – and I am feeling very smug about that of course, mwuhahahaa.

A few swap parcels have arrived recently, one very disappointing, so I am going to overhaul my post about what I am looking for I think and going to have to be a lot more strict with myself over what I send I think! It’s good to have a plan, as they say. No more for me til after Crimbo anyway, I am rooked til the new year!

I am having a nice evening by myself tonite, wrapping, making some more cards and watching Love Actually and having a mini-weep – it’s so sad and so happy at the same time!

Off to bed for me now.


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