I asked for an Americano. I think this is a latte.

I had such a nice day yesterday. I went into town and met Mum and we had a wander around and generally I was very happy not to be at work.

We visited the new Matalan on Jamaica Street which was most unexpected – I had no idea it was there. We also took some jeans back to DP (taking things back is integral to any shopping trip for me – things just don’t fit) which were inordinately long, despite saying regular length on the label and had a swatch round VV Roleaux or however you spell it.

I must admit to being slightly let down by this shop, as I had built it up in my head as being some kind of wonderful dreamworld where I would bankrupt myself buying lots of lovely things, but in actual fact I found it alarmingly easy to keep my purse in my bag, so uninspired was I by it all. It’s no Nash’s that’s for sure. Nash’s, or C. F. Nash to give it it’s full name was without a doubt my absolute dream shop. It was the best, biggest and most reasonably priced traditional stationery shop I’ve ever encountered.

It stood on the site of VV Roleaux on Miller Street and sold everything you could ever want, stationery wise. It had things like 100 brown envelopes secured with an elastic band for 40p. And it started selling Christmas cards in March, but you could get lost over it’s 2 floors for days in a whirl of marker pens and paperclips. The smell of old musty books and ink was so exciting as you went in the door, to the sound of the wee bell above it pinging and it was always mobbed. Unfortunately it closed down a few years aso, seemingly without any warning and I was gutted! There has not yet been another shop to surpass it for me in terms of excitement (although as Lee will testify, Old Navy comes close!).

Anyway, after that I took Mum to Ichiban on Queen Street for her first Japanese food encounter, which we both enjoyed. It’s not quite as nice as the Partick branch in terms of decor, service or food (my noodles were a bit undercooked), but it was lovely nonetheless. We then took a stroll through Princes Square and up to John Lewis for a swatch in the wool aisles and a huge slab of strawberry cheesecake and by then we were pooped and it was time to go home.

I was ready to drop, but a restorative Coke Zero got me in the mood for knitting whilst watching back to back episodes of Two and a Half Men on Paramount and I managed to get an entire scarf finished in one evening for my Craftster swap! I am very pleased with the way the colours turned out, but I am not posing a picture until the recipient has received it!

However, for your viewing pleasure, please see a collection of beads which I am going to turn into some jewels this weekend hopefully. I’ve not yet decided if they are for Miso Funky stock or Crimbo presents, but either way, they can be reproduced if anyone likes them!

Tonight I am bowing out of the trip to see We are Scientists in favour of going to the Polish club for dinner with mum and dad, Andrew and Aleks and Lee. I am quite excited to try out some of the things on the menu, although I think I will be giving the chicken in jelly a miss . . .

**Blogger is being an arse with the photos for the billionth time this year, so will need to see them later!


2 thoughts on “I asked for an Americano. I think this is a latte.

  1. I can also confirm that Old Navy is my dreamland, where there is no hunger or pain and there are sizes to fit ALLLLLLL! Even me and my jiggly body. Even my Dad was wetting himself in there.

    “A pair of jeans??? … Jo, they’re 20 dollars, that is 10 POUNDS! TO THE CHECKOUT!”

  2. Why have you mentioned Old Navy!!! It makes me ache….I visited one in Seattle and got so excited that I only bought a french manicure set and a pair of trainer socks – all because there was too much to choose from. Oh dear. The same happened in the US Urban Outfitters.

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