Who would abandon a lovely child like you?

Today has been one long whirlwind of mystery mini-bar charges and barclaycard being arseholes. On top of my work woes, I am close to jacking it all in and going to live on a shingle beach with only a windbreak for shelter.

I am feeling like I have man-flu and I want to go and burrow into the duvet, but instead I have been forced into a life of domain name hell. And I have a billion things to do outside of work, and I just want to go and sleep.

Moan over. I think we’ve almost decided on a time to go to Cincinnati next year (April/May) and my brother and his lovely girlfriend are going to get married next September in Poland (she’s Polish), so 2 trips to look forwards to, almost.

I am going to ride out the last half hour before freedom now.


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