Something fishy …

Well, I was as good as my early night word last night and was in bed for 9pm. Not before I had some noodles and a swim though (not together) and once again watched some football on tv as it was the only thing I could understand that wasn’t DOOM AND GLOOM news.

Today, I was up early, and at work for 830! And I paid for breakfast this time, they clearly weren’t going to fall for that one twice. Crispy bacon and pineapple may sound like an odd combination, but try it, it’s lovely.

Time to reflect upon some of the sights I have seen so far. Yesterday, sadly whilst I was in a car (in a jam, yes) and so not able to take photos, I saw not one, but two men guddling with fish at the roadside, seperately. The first man was on a moped and he had a large plastic barrel tied on to the pillion seat and he was decanting what looked like small fish from a large plastic tank in the back of a pick up truck into said barrel. Not quite sure why, but it was very intriguing, especially as this was all happening outside a building site. Maybe it wasn’t fish, but I am sure it was.

The second man had 2 large fish in a black plastic bucket and was pouring water away into the gutter. The fish looked to be dead, and whilst this is perhaps not so unusual, consider that he was doing this by the side of a 6 lane highway in rush hour. Today I saw many interesting things, including a market stall under a motorway bridge selling nothing but flourescent orange overalls, a man playing the flute with a bucket hung round his ears by the side of the same 6 lane highway and a man with an umbrella strapped to his head – all at lunch time.

For lunch we travelled quite a distance to a district called Khlong Toei to eat ribs and chicken wings. This seemed to be a big treat by the reaction of everyone else and I must admit it was very tasty. But it was miles away from the office and with that and the traffic, well, we were gone for quite a while. Not that it’s had too much of an impact on training today – I’ve not been able to do any as our system to manage things is dead and the Canadian company that runs it seems to have disappeared, despite their claims of being open 24 hours a day. It’s most frustrating.

The rest of the week is shaping up to be quite busy. Some of the girls are taking me back to Suan Lum tonight, Jamie is taking me to the cinema tomorrow and I still have trips to Chatuchak and Zen department store (ostensibly to get a Hello Kitty calendar for marveline, but really to ogle their enormous stationery department and buy nice pens) to fit in too.

But now I must go and try one more time to shout at Canadians before I combust with rage.


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