oh oh

well, that was a mistake – the pizza. I have been chucking it up since about 8pm last night. Big style illness, not good, doubly not good in a foreign country when you don’t have your loving husband to hold your hair out the way and mop your brow. I had a little weep this morning when I thought of missing him, but I have recomposed myself now.

Last night, I finished work and took the sky train to MBK. I had a half-hearted wander round, but by this time I was beginning to feel like I’d been thru a spin cycle in a washing machine, so I decided to hop it back on the train and then get a taxi back. Except there were no taxis to be had, so I had to get a tuk tuk.

There really is no other feeling I have yet experienced on earth like clinging on for dear life in the back of what is essentially a moped with a big seat on the back as you whizz round a corner doing an illegal u turn at night, your
hair going everywhere and the driver bellowing at you in a language you can’t even begin to understand. It’s a must do in Bangkok, most definitely.

The books I have read say oh you should get one once for the experience and stick to taxis, but if you can do it when the traffic is not completely chock a block (rare here!), then you won’t inhale too much carbon monoxide and it’s just as much if not cheaper than a taxi in most cases. Again – as long as you agree a price before setting off, then you’re ok. It’s best to offer a ridiculously low sum and then barter up. I ended up paying about 65p for my ride home and it was most exhilarating!

So, most of my evening was taken up by being too ill to move. I couldn’t make it out of bed until 10am this morning, such was my plight, so I was late to work – no sooner than I got here, than we went for lunch (11.30am on the dot!) to a place in a nearby building. It was a beautiful place, a gorgeous pool outside the
restaurant which I’d have loved a soak in. But the menu was very bizarre. Apparently it changes every week. I had some lovely soup and then a roast beef sandwich – which was made with bread hard enough to sink a ship.
Jamie had quail stuffed with dates – which was most bizarre looking and tasting. He had apple in cage for desert – apple pie to you and me! Most strange!

This afternoon, I got going with the reason I am here – training staff. It’s going pretty well so far I think and hopefully we will get it finished tomorrow. Not sure there are any plans for this evening – which suits me fine. All I am fit for is heading back to Oakwood, maybe having a swim if the rain stays off and collapsing into bed…


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