Don’t act like you’re doing me a favour.

Why, WHY is it only Wednesday? It should be at least November by now. This week has been taken up with work (obviously) and also:

  • Making a pair of duck slippers for a beautiful little Thai baby
  • Not sewing on the beaks of said slippers as they looked a bit hard
  • Trying to sew one on but when it looked like it had beak rot, giving up and asking Jo for a second opinion
  • Eating Ichiban noodles until mine eyes bulged with Jo
  • Eating a sneaky mini trifle
  • Getting a case of FREE wine delivered to work
  • Not getting the stuff I ordered online yet
  • Reading about Bangkok and near swooning with the possibilities
  • Tending to Lee’s work-induced wounds
  • Saying happy birthday to ryball
  • Buying chocolate digestives to take to Jamie
  • Watching films (yes, I know, so not me!)
  • Congratulating Rebecca on passing her citizenship test
  • Listening to Virgin Groove and bopping in my chair (and annoying mar-c with my random humming probably)
  • Sloshing around in the rain
  • Booking a last minute hair appointment to get shorn

and …

not packing. I must do that TONIGHT.


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