Unexpected death

Last week’s holiday was a little overshadowed by the death of an old friend of mine, Scott. Sadly, Scott hung himself last week which was, to those who knew him, somewhat unexpected.

Whilst I had not seen him for some time and we had lost touch, he remained good friends with friends of mine, who had been out with him only the weekend before. They reported that he seemed his usual happy self which makes his untimely death all the sadder.

I will always remember his milky bar kid-esque blonde hair, his crap tippexed on leather jacket (that was cool in the mid 90s grunge wardrobe) and the time that another friend accidentally punched him in the face and knocked his tooth out. Really, you couldn’t make this up. Always good for a laugh and never with a bad word to say about anyone. Truly very sad.

RIP Scott.


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