That’s not sushi, it’s just a starfish.

And then it rained.

It started at some point in the early hours of this morn and it’s not let up since. It’s still warm-ish which is nice but such an alien concept in this country. Warm rain? Surely you’re mistaken, Maw Nature. The rain we can take, we’ve had plenty of practice, but not the heat at the same time. By the looks of it, and I sit and gaze at it stoating off the balcony as I type (yes, I am one of these smug people who can type and not look at either screen or keyboard and still compose a vaguely recognisable sentence or two), it doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping any time soon.

Which means that this weekend’s craft fairness could go either way. We’re due at a fair in the Botanics on Sunday, but I think it’s a more traditional type of fair. We’re going in the hope that we’ll be the modern funky ones and by my logic, clean up that way. If it’s sunny though, then we should get a lot of passing Botanic-sun-bather trade, but if it’s raining … well, then, I’m not too hopeful. Oh look, it’s stopped. But it’s still quite murky looking.

Anyway, inspired by Jo’s blog and her rantings about the unjust aspects of the world – where do old people get off being so nosey? I can’t even bring myself to type out the whole sorry tale, but to cut right to the chase, me and a colleague ended up having a stand up argument with a pensioner in the carpark of Marks and Spencers the other day over something that had absolutely nothing to do with said pensioner. I was so incensed! And clearly still am!

People can be so rude and unhelpful sometimes. I have been trying to be nice to people lately to combat the image that some people seem to have of me being a bit of a bitch. Being pleasant to people is really no trouble (unless they are mean and evil and smell of toads) – a kind word, a cheery wave, a jolly smile. A bit of banter to liven up an otherwise dull exchange. But some people just can’t get into the spirit of it.

Take the dullard in the travel agents last night. Ok, she had terrible dark roots/peroxide hair combination and yes, she had clearly recently had a run-in with the Tango man, and right enough, perhaps that large hideous cold sore on her top lip was detracting somewhat from her usual performance, but was there any need for her to be so utterly BLAND? I’d love to be a travel agent – maybe because I like researching things and organising things – so I’d be getting excited for my customers. But she was such a dullard, I wanted to poke her in her beady eyes and tell her to cock right off.

The upshot is, we still don’t have a holiday organised. Maybe tomorrow though.

I got a fan today.

Isn’t it bonny! You can also see the not very sunny sky thru the blinds and my Animal Crossing keychain with Celeste and a photo from our honeymoon.

Of course, the air con seems to be working now, but it’s still nice to have a breeze.


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