It’s so hot that the walls started melting.

No, I’m not entirely sure why I keep changing fonts here either. Let’s try stick to good old Verdana now.

I have been hoist by my own petard (or pet toad – i wish). There I am merrily chattering away like a gibbon on crack about Maryhill’s fortunes changing now that they have started knocking down the scabby flats but little did I realise that my own personal hell was only just beginning.

Because of the unique location of our house in the court, we have had big lorries lining up outside our bedroom window from 6am every morning, engines running to cart off the rubble deposited in them by the very noisy bulldozer just yards away from where we try to slumber. 6 am!

This would not be so bad if it was winter. But it’s not, it’s summer. And for anyone not aware of the current situation in Scotland, it’s not just summer, it’s summer in hell. The temperatures are so freakishly high here that it’s warmer than the surface of Mars at times. So to even think of closing the window is to encounter certain death by suffication.

The situation has gotten to boiling point (almost literally) and we have bought a rotating desk fan with which to soothe our roasty limbs as we try to sleep. It sounds like we’re on a plane. So that combined with the lorries, the heat and just general fatigue, is making for a most uncomfortable moosh this weather.

That said, they have almost completed the demolishment of the flats – it took them a morning to knock down an entire block, but over a week to take away the debris. Touch wood, I’ve not seen a fire engine for a fair few days now, so perhaps this will make a difference after all.

What I did see the other night on my way home was what looked like an angry mob from a distance and upon closer inspection seemed to be some kind of disgruntled coffee morning in the middle of The Avenue. (We live in The Court, at the end of The Avenue).

The Avenue is also on the list for demolition. Approximately 30 people were milling around in a scence reminiscent of news pictures from the war-torn Middle East – rubble lying around the ground, half naked children wandering around, dazed and grubby seemingly without parents, and women shouting.

I am still unclear as to what exactly was going on, but 2 teenage boys staggered up the hill towards the demolition site with shouts of “junkie scum” ringing in their ears. Perhaps it was their own mothers. Who knows. The sooner they all go though, the better – at least it will be safe to walk The Avenue without being in fear of our lives.

Anyway! My trip to Edinburgh failed to materialise as Linzee was working yet again. I will have to box up her gifts and send them to her as it’s almost her birthday again and we’re still on Christmas presents – a very sorry state of affairs. I am so behind on my correspondence again – sorry to all the people I owe letters/cards/parcels to!

After a mild flutter of excitement about finally using my dad’s timeshare thing for a holiday this autumn, I think we are just going to book something last minute for a Canary Island or perhaps a Spanish somewhere. But you’ve already been on holiday this year, I hear you cry! Well, shit happens my friend and you need to get over the fact that we are off on another break!

We’re also in negotiations as to where we should adventure off to next year – we were watching a program about Japanese food last week when Lee piped up that maybe he’d like to go to Japan, so that is on the agenda to investigate, however, we might end up in the States again as it is really a travesty that we have not been to visit Anne et Jim in Cincinnati yet.

AC update – I have now caught a hammerhead shark, 2 ocean sunfish and moved into my new house with the hot pink roof. Today I hope to visit mar-c’s town and have my hair cut as she has reached the elusive status of having Nookingtons open. Yesterday I purchased a very fetching halo from Mabel and Sable and caught a cockroach. I think that’s enough now…


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