Without Bill Oddie, I’d be completely lost.

My top-secret project is completed and my silence can finally be broken. I know you have all been wondering what on earth could be keeping me so busy that I have blogged not a semi-colon since Nam. Well, it was of course Lee’s SURPRISE 30th birthday party!

He had no idea! And I felt like the king for being able to keep my mouth shut and not blurt it out to him, although it did really come close on a few occasions.

Jo and I started planning the party months ago and it felt a bit weird to finally be putting it all into action on Saturday. We managed to get friends from as far away as Belfast and London to come up to surprise Lee and I think it’s safe to say that a really rockin time was had by all. A photo diary of the day will follow shortly!

It’s coming up to a very busy crafting season for us with Miso Funky, with our own market this week, and another few coming up in the weeks after, so I should really be beavering away on the needles/beads/sewing machine. That poor knitted monkey for example has been languishing in the bottom of my in progress bag for weeks now and really needs to be stuffed.

Sadly though, with the arrival of my shiny new DS Lite, the crafting has taken a bit of a knockback. I had to join the ever-growing ranks of my DS-ing friends and get myself upgraded from a GBA to a DS, complete with Animal Crossing (super cute animals!), Zoo Keeper (addictive Tetris style game with worried looking giraffes) and of course my favourite Sims 2 – in which I get to fulfill my childhood dream of running my own hotel! It’s been leading to too many late nights for me – I just can’t seem to put that cute little stylus down! That coupled with the fact that I got Guitar Hero for PS2 for Lee’s birthday and he got Championship Manager for XBox too means we are having a bit of a gaming renaissance chez Brown.

Aside from secret party planning, I have also been reporting my neighbour’s abandoned car (which the very efficient council peoples towed away less than 24 hours after I reported it) and freeing up a valuable parking space in the Court, eating out a lot (and giving our cooker it’s annual rest), having a day trip to Carlisle (but not taking any photos because we bought a new camera that day) and watching a lot of World cup football (or soccer as some of you like to call it).

Photos to follow once they are prised from the many and varied cameras of our friends…


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