A brontosaurus could kill a stegasaurus… easily.

I’ve had a wee bit of a spring clean. Renamed some old posts, put a new foty up. Prize for the first person to get where the post names come from!

Flight tickets arrived this morning – only 6 days til take off! Still feels like a million years away. Really looking forwards to no work for 2.5 weeks! Got a course to go on the day before we go, so really an extra day off I suppose. It will feel like that anyway. We are now going to Tijuana for the afternoon. I’ve heard that an afternoon is enough, perhaps my American friends can guide me on that further.

Has been a bit of an odd day. Both my assistants are off today, one supposed to be, the other off sick (ahem). So I have been marooned here on domain island by myself and I have actually quite enjoyed the solitude. Takes me back to when I used to be a one-(wo)man band back in the day. Back to normal tomorrow though. I am sure I would get fed up with it after a while though. Have been enjoying sitting here plugged in to my MP3 player though and only coming out to answer questions from the support guys.

Tonight is my last night at Japanese class – can’t believe I am almost finished. I am supposed to be able to hold my own in a conversation with a Japanese person now, but unless they were speaking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y as if to, say, a complete idiot, then I would have no chance. When I was in Thailand last year, I was sat near a Japanese tour group and recognised the grand total of one word. Then again, I am not sure they would have been talking about buying a camera or where the hospital is with all those Buddhas around to look at.

There seems like so much to do! Learn Japanese, start going to tap class again, sign up for a sewing class, and Jo and me are going to Stockholm for a weekend for her birthday next month. I have wanted to visit Sweden for years – I even started teaching myself to speak Swedish at one stage. I can still remember a few bits, including the very handy “tack” which means both please and thank you – gotta love those multi-functional Swedes.


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