My teeth smell of pain.

I’m a bit late with the felicitations o the season, but happy christmas, etc to y’all.

Crimbo has passed in a blur of gluttony and sloth. The other 5 deadly sins are on holiday. We got so many presents we could stock a shop. We ate a lot of turkey, listened to a lot of Slade and bemoaned the lack of snow – until last nite! We currently have about an inch of snow on the ground, which is exciting me greatly. There was a magical few hours last nite where the air was still and the snow fell softly and we all just stared out the window at it, before, of course, leaping outside and pelting snowballs at each other.

Last nite, Lee and I went to his friend Peter’s house and met his new fiancee Claudia. They are a lovely pair and dinner was fabulous. The snow was still falling when we got home, so we had a short frolic in the snow, before going to bed and wishing for more snow in the morning – sadly, my dream of being snowed in failed to materialise, but the sky is looking quite luminous just now, like it might snow again later – fingers crossed.

On a craft tip – we had the second Bastille market on Crimbo Eve which was a bit crud. There was a tiny fraction of people there this time, both sellers and customers and as I predicted it was deathly quiet. We still had a fun day sitting knitting and gossiping though.

Crimbo day Lee and his mum and I all went to Andrew and Aleks’ house over on the south side for dinner. Aleks made us traditional Polish dishes, like beetroot soup and pancakes – very tasty. After dinner we all played Buzz on the playstation, which is more addictive than crack. I am kicking Lee’s ass at it every game, which makes a nice change seeing as he usually beats me at everything.

Boxing Day, we hung around playing Buzz and eating junk (no fat fighting christmas for us, no siree) and then Lex and Tex came over. Tex’s mum was over from the US for Crimbo, so we all had a very pleasant evening chewing the cud and talking about porridge vans.

It has been so nice to just hang around and do not much in particular. I could used to it. Have been at work this week, but finishing early this afternoon. Mum got back from Cincinnati yesterday, so we are all getting together for dinner on the 1st o Jan, Sunday. And then back to work on Tuesday, booooo.

More photos of the SNOW here.


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