Bob, I admire your enthusiasm.

wooo, almost finished my last order for Christmas! thank god. can have a rest from the knitting for a while. Was worried I wouldn’t get it done in time, but thankfully it all seems to have worked out.

Going for work lunch this arvo and out tonite to see a friend’s band, rawk tastic! Tomorrow is Secret Santa day at work, Thursday is work Christmas party and Friday is last dayyyyy before Crimbo!

I think we might have our own personal festive night out on Friday night. And then Saturday we have another craft fair at Bastille and then Sunday we have to eat our own bodyweight in turkey!

I am feeling very Christmassy, as we have been playing Christmas tunes on repeat at work for the last 2 weeks and today we put a little tree up on our desk which is glowing in the corner to help us along.

So exciting!


2 thoughts on “Bob, I admire your enthusiasm.

  1. What did you get from your Secret Santa, then? We did it at work, and I received a Rangers shower radio. Obviously from someone who knows me better than I do myself. 🙂

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