I’m down to my last Campino.

Well, what happened yesterday… work was very successful and everyone is doing very well. we went to a restaurant on Chao Phraya river called Good View and ate about a ton of food! deep fried duck in sweet chili sauce with crispy noodles, chicken in pandanus leaves, and I even had a morsel of grouper! And toblerone cheesecake! It was really nice, sitting outside by the river and, touch MDF, I didn’t get bitten by any mosquitos!

After dinner, we went to Pat Phong and Sarah bought another handbag! And we got some more DVDs – Harry Potter! I stupidly picked up Sarah’s money out the safe yesterday and I was wondering how I had come to have 8000 bhat in my pocket before I realised! Doh! Going to the Suan Lum night bazaar tonight with Jamie and Ammie.

Got my tour booked for tomorrow to Wat Phra Kraew and the Grand Palace, picking me up at 8am! Sarah is off home tonight so is back at the ranch packing. We have just gotten back from lunch, more pork and rice for me, with spoon and fork – such a simple thing, but so novel. Wan told me that you can get the oil absorbing papers in the shop downstairs that I can’t find at home, so i will need to stock up on supplies before I come home.

On with the tickets!


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