Money can’t buy me gloves.

I have a friend called Jenny who often speaks without thinking of the consequences. She tries to get away with it by hiding behind her exotic roots, but her sharp shooting is beginning to grate. Why she thinks it is acceptable to be so dismissive of other peoples ambitions or hopes and dreams is beyond me. But how to tell Jenny that she is out of order without hurting her feelings? Or should her feelings be hurt once in order to spare others from her snobbiness? What a dilemma…

Anyway, I am finding it harder and harder to stop myself from shooting someone with my stapler at work. I have lost my work mojo. It must be on extended leave, as it has not come back. I thought it had made a brief reappearance last week, but it turned out just to be a shadow. Not sure what to do about that – a chat with el boss hasn’t proved to be all that fruitful as yet, but then, as he said, what can be done to improve matters – what indeed? If I have no idea, I am sure they won’t.

We’re having a barbecue tomorrow as a very late house warming party. Bet it rains. Oh, some consumer advice – don’t buy anything from Natalie Dee – she’ll rip you off. I am not even going to link to her website to protect you from her complete moronity. Suffice to say, she sucks big ass. Still, Mar-c got a t shirt out of the deal, so it’s not all bad.

Our Californian Trip for March is confirmed, yee ha! So we will be heading to:
San Francisco for 4 nightsTravelling the Pacific Coast Highway for 2 nightsNewport Beach, outside LA for 2 nightsSan Diego for 3 nights Day trip to TijuanaLas Vegas for 3 nights
We will be driving (I say we, but clearly I mean Lee) this time in a convertible, and it will be my birthday whilst we are in San Francisco, so I am very excited about it. I am putting this on the web for all to back me up – Lee has promised me a shopping trip to my favourite shop Old Navy in San Francisco, so I will try not to buy any new clothes until then, mwuhahahaha.


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