All human tragedy is grist to your sordid entertainment mill.

How annoying that solicitors and the like don’t work on the weekends.

Today we are trying not to think about it, comfort shopping on Ebay and eating cheesecake. I have been trawling the Old Navy website this afternoon, writing a wish list for my new ON buddy Pam to see if she can get me stuff in the shop in Seattle. So far on Ebay today, I have managed to buy a top for Jo and nothing else. My listed things aren’t even going like cold stale cakes, never mind their hot counterparts. Have more junk to get rid of, so will get listing in a bid to make some cashola out of my shite lying around the house.

DFA1979 tonight, which should be good. Not been to see a band in ages, and not heard much by these dudes, but listening to the album again this morning in the car, they are pretty cool. I bought the tickets for Lee, but I am quite looking forwards to it now myself.


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